The Daily Stillness

daily small exercises to help you find stillness

Trying to do too many internet things at once makes it hard to get anything done at all. Tabless Thursday is a vacation from distraction. Just open 1 tab and use it! James Hamblin speaks honestly about the (negative) impact multi tasking online has on his life. We were saddened by his words and recognised ourselves in what he describes. It is a funny account, it lasts 5 minutes. He is so young! Watch it. And do a #tablessHour if you cannot manage a #tablessthursday as it is Wednesday not Thursday!  Yes, you can check the hashtag #tablessThursday on the twitters ( though it is now yesterday’s hashtag, nobody has posted to it since 2014…too many tabs open, they can find the twitters). And you can buy a T-shirt too (did you resist that click? They are cool t-shirts…)

Tweet your response to @livedtime and be sure to include the hashtag #tds1329