The Daily Stillness

daily small exercises to help you find stillness

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Find ‘the broad lawn, spread out, sit alone and watch a small patch of grass. Observe and record ‘what happens there’. Stay with your patch of grass long enough to get to know it.’ A. Sullivan

Source: animated Gif by @mdvfunes CCBY

Show us your patch of grass in a photo. [and yes, there is something moving in our patch of grass. Find it.]



“I had to pick a favourite daily for my last daily on this site. This is it. If we did nothing else each day but study a patch of grass with focussed attention, our lives would be all the richer for it. But the article is also one of the best articles on this topic I have ever read. So, this will stand as the last daily: number 3108. Wow. I thank you all, those of you who visit, those of you offer lovely ideas. It has been a joy to engage with this site through the years, but we have to say goodbye to some things before we can say hello to new things‽ We plan to keep the site going until January 14 2025 when the domain comes up for renewal. After that we will archive the site, to keep it alive in some way. We do not want to lose these amazing resources we have accumulated for the open web over the years. Meantime, if you want a daily: just click here and get a random one from the 3108 dailies on this site! Happy trails, may we meet again one day in the future.” Mariana –  @mdvfunes

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