Didier Mencoboni has created an art installation that walks its talk! The art disappears in a second! From the website:

This site creates a pictorial imagination. Here, a series of over 2000 real paintings generates a perpetual stream of an infinite number of virtual images. Every second, a new virtual painting is born; each lasting only a moment before giving way to another equally unique virtual image without leaving a trace of its existence. The artist thereby invents the ephemeral absolute in which the uncaptured image can only be seen once and forever.


Take 10 minutes to enjoy the ‘ephemeral absolute’ today. Could you just sit back and enjoy? Did you find yourself getting impatient and wanted to see the next painting and the next and the…? Did you want to break the artist’s intent and get a screenshot of that favourite painting to keep (Disclosure: we nearly took a screenshot for this daily)? So many lessons about how we relate to the impermanence of life in such a simple artistic idea.


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