“When I titled this post “reading is useless,” I was referring to a Zen saying that goes, “Meditation is useless.” It means that you meditate to meditate, not to use it for something. And like the saying, I’m being provocative. Of course reading is not useless. We read in useful ways all the time and for good reason. Reading expands our horizons, it helps us understand things, it complicates, it validates, it clarifies. There’s nothing wrong with reading (or meditating for that matter) with a goal in mind, but maybe there is something wrong if we feel we can’t read unless it’s good for something.” Reading is useless

Today, take time to do some use-less reading; maybe that book or article you have been waiting to read until your have time…may be the article by Beck Tench this quote comes from. A useful tip for useless reading from the article: ‘give yourself two to three times the amount of time you’d normally need to do the activity.’


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