“The basic state in our brain is one of chaos. An abundance of activities leaves us with a feeling of experiential poverty. And we are living in the age of noise.However, in between, whenever I fall out of this habitual rut and sit quietly in a room alone, without any goal, without anything to look at, the chaos surfaces. It is difficult only to sit there. Multiple temptations to find something to do surface. My brain, which functions so well on autopilot, is no longer helpful. It’s not easy being idle when nothing else is going on — it is quiet and you are alone. I often choose to do anything else rather than to fill the silence with myself. I have gradually come to realize that the source of many of my problems lies precisely in this struggle.” Erling Kagge

We found a short essay that offers the essence of this book written by the author. The quote above comes from that. Make time (in silence) to read it. Better still, practice just sitting there, being idle when nothing else s going on. Fill the space with yourself. How long will you do it for? Want to read the book? Go ahead.

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