“WeCroak’s basic message arrives while you’re crossing a street, fixing dinner, brushing your teeth, or waiting in line: Don’t forget, you’re going to die. When you open the app on your phone’s lock screen, it displays a quote about life and death from various literary sources. That’s it: five brief, pithy messages a day, some uplifting, some somber. The app is simple—just white text on a black background, no settings, no feeds, and only one screen (apart from an “About” link). Like death, the messages arrive unexpectedly.” From Tricycle’s review

It costs $0.99 and can be bought for iOS or Android. We wonder why we need an app to remind you when there is so much poetry to reminds us of preciousness of human life.  The Tibetan Book of the Dead is clear on what we must do: “Do I remember at every moment that I am dying, and that everyone and everything else is, and so treat all beings at all times with compassion?”

We thought a less extreme idea might be to ask you to take time today to read a short poem written by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, that reminds us that life is both precious and impermanent. But do tell us if you try WeCroak – there really is an app for everything these days! Its premise? We can find happiness by remembering our mortality. Spirituality for the 21C in an app.

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