The lengths some people will go to make up words in the hope to be heard amidst all the digital noise. We are rather ambivalent about this article here at the still web, but wanted to offer it today as it may help you reflect on the way you use technology. We note that the writer is not a psychologist or a technologist, but a ‘daydreamer’. You make up your mind about the credibility of the source to offer this kind of the advice:

“I challenge you to forget about detoxing and embrace the concept of detaching. Choose a time when you would usually use your device; for example, just before bed. Rather than pulling out your device to watch Netflix or scroll through the news, make the choice to read a book in bed. Instead of taking your laptop to a café to work or catch up on social media, make the choice to go for a coffee with a friend, leaving your laptop at home and putting your phone on silent, so you can really be in the moment without any digital distractions.”

Our view? We feel we have covered this more fully when was spoken about the psychology of habit. However, personal stories can be very useful to change a habit.

Source: The Bottom line, where they discuss another kind of ‘technological detachment, worth a read too.

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