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“Take a full breath in through your nose. Use your right thumb to plug the right nostril and exhale out the left. Inhale out the left nostril and then use your right pinky to plug the left nostril. Exhale out the right nostril, then inhale through the right nostril. Switch to plug the right nostril with your right thumb again. Repeat the steps, alternating between nostrils. This breath is very effective for stress and anxiety.” Yoga for kids

Simple instructions for kids can work for grown ups too, and the lovely drawing above helps understanding. Why? Because it’s good enough for Hilary Clinton? Nope. Try it today to find calm and because science says it works to reduce blood pressure and improve focus:  “The results suggest that the immediate effect of ANYB is to reduce the BP while improving the performing in a task requiring attention, bimanual dexterity and visuomotor co-ordination.” Today, find a quiet spot and try this breathing technique for a few minutes a few times through the day.

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