“Your instructions: All day long, do just one thing at a time. If you catch yourself doing two things, switch your focus back to one. Don’t read an article and Tweet about it – read it, then Tweet. Write an email until you’ve finished it and hit “send.” Perhaps even take a moment to just drink your coffee.” Infomagical Challenge 1



There are 5 challenges for 5 days! Do them all this week as a fresh start to your new year. Join up!

“Why is this challenge number one? Because humans are incapable of doing multiple things at the same time. Study after study has shown that “multi-tasking” is a myth. Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin explains that when we think we’re multi-tasking, we’re really only fooling ourselves.

“You’re not actually doing four or five things at once, because the brain doesn’t work that way. Instead, you’re rapidly shifting from one thing to the next, depleting neural resources as you go.” Listen to the podcast and start your year with a magical day that gives you time to breathe as well as do stuff. Happy New Year Y’all!

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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

#tds551 It’s a new year! Have a magical day (Jan 1, 2017)

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