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A frugal life is a creative life and one that’s devoid of clutter, both physical and mental, and absent any boredom. In my quest to save money, I always had a project to work on, a solution to innovate, or a hack to uncover. Strip away all of the spending that doesn’t strike at the heart of your long-term goals, and you’ll have the life you actually want to live. Don’t allow your spending to prevent you from doing what you want; instead, allow frugality to sculpt the life you crave. Elizabeth Willard Thames

Take time to read the article this quote comes from today. It is long, but it is also an interesting way into finding stillness and space in a busy life. It also offers a way in which the personal can impact the relational and the collective without evangelising or pushing an ideology. Elizabeth has written a book on this also if you decide to follow up beyond today.

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