“We can already pay a fee to use slick software that will limit our access to Facebook or Twitter. Or we can pay some more and fill our smartphone with a dozen mindfulness apps that will give us all the benefits of Zen without any of the burdens of Buddhism. Or we can pay for the privilege of spending a few weeks in an internet detox camp, which are now proliferating across the globe. The solution is the same: pay to enjoy the freedoms that you have once taken for granted. Instead of the realm of political rights, the solution is to be found in the marketplace, accessible to some – at, perhaps, variable prices.  Evgeny Morozov


Take time to read the article today, it is long but well worth the effort: Who has the right to disconnect? Do you already pay for that right? May be the solution is systemic and not personal. Morozov concludes: “To be truly meaningful, the right to disconnect needs to be tied to a much broader, radical vision of how a data-rich society can retain some basic elements of equality and justice. In the absence of such a vision, this right will only protect those who are already well-off, forcing the rest to seek solutions – like mindfulness apps – in the marketplace.”

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#tds612 The right to disconnect? It will cost you. (Mar 3, 2017)

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