“We need to have reasonable expectations about offline life. I’ve taken breaks from social media before and my experiences were largely “meh to above meh.” I missed sharing my corny vacation highlights with my friends on Instagram. I wanted to hear every single update about the byzantine Mueller investigation. Reading a shitty book was not much better than reading a shitty article I found on Twitter. My relationships didn’t markedly improve after I quit social media, and though I got more sleep it was not a dramatic increase. There was a point in time when “extremely online” people were culturally in vogue. Now we’ve reached a historical moment when “extremely offline” people are trending. What we need to do is to admit a core truth: Neither group of people is inherently cool. Who cares about how you spend your time?” Heather Dockray

Source video: IT Crowd gif by: @gifadog


After recovering from the ‘Ultimate Mashable Truth’ that nobody cares how you spend your time, take time to read the article in full – you will smile and enjoy their gifs. Then reflect on what makes you keep on dreaming about ‘greener digital pastures’ as you choose how to use the internet in your life.

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