An online conversation space called Quibbler exists and is set up to: “Witness people conversing in real time. Feel free to comment on the suggested topic or anything else.Your message will flash momentarily to everyone and disappear forever.” Some call it the worst communication tool in the world, we think it might be a space to practice interpersonal attention and digital stillness. Try it and make up your own mind. At worst it will make you take a break!

Be warned that what you find on the screen on any one visit is totally unpredictable. You might have a lovely chat with a stranger or join when many people are using the space to be offensive to each other. Notice your own habit mind as you interact with the screen, you do not need to join in, you might learn something about your own preconceptions just by watching the ongoing conversation. Tell us what you learnt.

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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

#tds41 Take a break with quibbler (Aug 10, 2015)

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