Chris Bailey suggests that we take time to identify and reflect on our ‘5 most important habits’. He suggests that habits can be important because of the impact they have in our lives good or bad,

“A habit can be important for one of two reasons: The consequences of it add value to your life (and so you want to continue doing it, or ramp it up); the consequences of it subtract value from your life (and so you want to cease doing it).” Your 5 most important habits

Today, some critical reflection: What are your most important habits? How are they connected? Make yourself a Sticky note to help you keep your habits in mind. You are not trying to force yourself to change anything, you are simply noticing consequences of each as often as you can. Your unconscious mind will work with adapting habit over time if you are deliberate about noting consequences.


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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

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