Go where your heart feels broken the most; amidst the pain in hunger and hate in crime. Wildlife is dying, emissions still flying, such sombre praise of how much we have grossed. The ice is melting, our souls are freezing, hearts of hope, now closed, stenosed. With all that we’ve done, unutterably asleep, there’s no longer a place for arrogant riposte. Listen where it hurts, go where you’re horrified, so much can be done with your heartbreak and time. You are always needed where you feel the most pain” Brooke Steff

Be brave. Click on the link and take time to read this poem in full. A poignant, lived and embodied call for action in difficult times. Enjoy may not be the appropriate expression here; give yourself some time to wake up to the pain of the world and the why of distraction in our brave new world. May be you will find a still point to connect with that place where your heart feels most broken and understand its joy. And if you want more of her words, go to her website.

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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

#tds809 You Are Needed Where Your Heart Feels Most Broken (Sep 16, 2017)

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