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Today, some informal meditation practice. Research is catching up on the benefits of pausing and you can read about it in detail in PsychCentral. You can also just try the activity at the end of the article,

I invite you to find just a few minutes within the course of your day or evening today to absorb yourself wholeheartedly in a moment of presence. Use as many senses as possible to step out of your thinking-only mind and into your body, to fully experience whatever you are doing — whether an activity or a moment of pausing. Then notice how you show up for the next moments of your day.

The article starts with a useful story to illustrate the activity,

…there was a man standing by the edge of the parking lot — just standing… for a long time… in stillness. He was looking out toward the trees and tall grasses and a small bog at the edge of the parking lot that I had honestly never noticed before. He was just taking in the moment, taking in the natural world beyond the concrete pavement, and despite whatever things he had to do in his day.

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