From the blurb: “…we wanted to capture and share an entire evening of stars, in both real time and at stunning 4k resolution, for those in the cities and suburbs who might not otherwise be able to see what’s up there.”

Today, we find ways to use this wonderful undertaking to find calm in our day or night. Some potential uses? Commenters on YT oblige: Leave on all night and wake up to a sunrise not an alarm clock, use as a live desktop background, just set on fullscreen and watch the stars. One commenter wrote a review that gave us a smile,

My review: An exciting joy ride! Watch it a half-speed, so you don’t miss any of the action. The writing is a bit dark, but the actors are spot-on! I hope to see a lot more from them in the coming years.
Gripping, edge of seat plot. Kept me guessing “what would happen next?” right up to the end. I was very surprised!
Be considerate – talk about the characters, talk about the plot, but don’t tell the ending – don’t spoil it for others.
I could watch this every night.

If you want to read more on this project and see a short video of how it was made, find it here. HT to @mcnees for making us aware of this wonderful resource.

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