Today, we use the metaphor of switchbacks to reflect on life obstacles. They can offer us a way to slow down and learn, though we do not always welcome the enforced sideways pause. In “A report from the Slow Lane”, David Geoff tells us: “Switchbacks make my life better, enriching me, keeping me on the path, guiding me towards completion. They make this life compelling, mysterious, and completely surprising. Switchbacks add drama to this journey. And yet, I think I could live without them. I don’t like the whiplash and redirection they provide. I’m tired of the climb, tired of the tedium, tired of the predictable ritual of having to turn onto another sloping segment of the journey.” Take time with the poem today, read the article another day.

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#tds1521 How the metaphor of “switchbacks” can offer us wisdom (Aug 29, 2019)

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