Watch Nic Askew’s lovely Soul Biography titled ‘The riddle of here’. If you have seen it before, feel free to watch again. Those of you new to it, just watch it. All of you: Enjoy!

“We’re looking. For something so simple.

So simple, that we can’t hold it in
our hands. Or in our heads.

So we look to him. To her.
To them. To there.

We look to everywhere
but here.
To when. To then.
But not to now.

It’s hidden just beyond
our cleverness.

So we presume it’s
out there.

But perhaps it’s in here.

The fascinating thing about many riddles is that you can stare at them and completely miss their point.

And often, a riddle will fool you into the illusion of understanding.

This is a short film about the nature and whereabouts of joy.

Words by Nic. Film too. As ever.”

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