“Heart 7 is known in Chinese as Shen Men and translated as Spirit Gate or Mind Door, this acupoint is often used to strengthen the mind and to reduce heart palpitations. It’s located on the wrist crease, in line with the little finger, and in my experience is very effective for calming the mind, soothing anxiety and combating insomnia due to an over-excited mind. Simply apply light pressure and use a gentle circling motion with your index finger or middle finger over the point highlighted in green on our picture. This can be done quite discreetly during times of anxiety or nervousness, perhaps during an event or function. Aim to spend at least 5 minutes massaging Heart 7, but use only when needed.” Paul Adkins


Today, a little acupuncture guidance to calm and soothe the mind in your day; spend 5 minutes massaging the Heart 7 acupressure point. We bet you never thought this would be a suggested activity for your day today, eh? Tell us if it works for you to find some calm as you navigate your day online and offline.

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