“Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and our smart phones making us available 24/7, balancing work and home life is getting tougher every day. Yes, we’re mobile, but are we ever really off? As the world becomes more and more connected, isn’t it astonishing that many of us manage to stay current with the status updates of our 500-plus Facebook friends? Yet when was the last time you checked your body’s status update? It’s probably time to friend yourself.”

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A useful article titled ‘Your body is talking, are you listening?’ helps you learn useful questions to monitor your body signals and numbing our strategies, those ways in which we cleverly learn to ignore what the body is saying. Are we listening? More often than not we are not; especially when the body is trying to tell us things our schedules don’t want to hear. It is through not listening to our body that mind chatter grows and stillness eludes us.

Today, read the article and learn the questions. Find a place in your mobile device to be reminded of the questions in the next few days (an alarm can help) and remember to do a ‘body status update’ several times a day.

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