“Repetition – ‘is fundamental, not only to machines; it is the fundamental method in both ritual and the arts. It shows the soul’s pleasure in practice, in polishing, in precision’. Hillman views repetition as necessary to growth, not for efficiency’s sake but for its own sake. If we learn to view repetition as: ‘the essence of craft’ and as ‘the way that things become beautiful’ we grow as human beings and nourish our soul. Hillman points out that disinterested repetition is very much part of the rituals of the east, and wonders if it is because they value repetition in this way that they develop such high quality products.” Lived time – Life beyond Clock Time


Animated Gif by @mdvfunes CCBY

Where do you find the solace of repetition in your day? In more places than the hypnotic scrolling of a social media stream, we hope. Show is in a photo or a sketch.

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