We can think of our attention as having the shape of an hour glass. It starts wide and as we choose an object to focus on it narrows. As it narrow externally, it can also widen internally – making us more aware of our internal state.

Today a simple yet profound practice: Using the template ‘As I x, I can y’ where x is an external object and y is an internal object you will train yourself to hold your attention in two places at once. For example, as I am aware of my fingers typing on this keyboard, I can also be aware of my breathing. Or, As I look at the screen, I can feel how cold my feet are. This is something to practice regularly to teach yourself to stay mindful. This quietens inner dialogue and distraction over time.

Be patient, you will forget. Be patient, you will get cross with the practice and want to dismiss it as silly. If you get past this and just practice you will gain more choice over your attention.


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