“I am tired.

Though I write from a place of privilege and of safety, I am tired.

Tired of feeling mentally fried nearly all the time.

Tired of the government -who are not a government, but a campaign team that got out of hand and do not have our interests, least of all our human flourishing, at heart.

I am tired of lockdown-not-lockdown. I am tired of the masks-debate. I am tired of ‘But those statues are our history‘.

I am tired of Donald Trump.

And yet.

And Yet.

And yet….


I pause to be still, I remind myself that I am not alone, I breathe, I practice self-care and notice again that the tiredness I feel is what my South African activist friend Roger calls ‘part of the plan.’ ‘It’s what they want. The trick is to experience it but not give into it.’

So I remind myself that my favourite word in the Psalms is ‘But’. Especially the ones where it doesn’t appear and the reader inserts it for herself. ‘It has all gone to shit’ (which as Anne Lamott reminds us is a theological term): ‘but’. I still have a job. But my kettle still works. But the bakery remained open. And the Common Beaver has opened a courtyard (see above). But I got to see my mother yesterday. But I have a garden. Verily I walk through the shadow of death, but thank the Lord, Shawna Lemay is still blogging. And Karen Walrond. And Josephine Corcoran. And Simon Parke. They are my go-to resting places. My places of clear water (is that a Heaney line?).

There is still so much to be grateful for.”

We wondered about the posting this daily here. It was perhaps only tentatively linked with our focus here at the Daily Stillness; but having read the full post by Anthony Wilson, we did not just find it memorable but also felt it offered an important cognitive strategy to navigate these challenging times for us all in the world.

Today, take time to read the full post and learn what is keeping Anthony going if you want to or just take time to click on some of the links from this excerpt and simply take time to make your own list: In spite of the exhaustion you may be experiencing, what are the things in your life you can still be grateful for? Or do it all: click the links, read the post and make the list!

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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

#tds1862 “Tired, but” (Aug 4, 2020)

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