“Meditation – that’s not for me!” Did you ever hear you think or say that, too? Maybe you never dared to try it, or, if you did, you felt pain in your back or your legs because of sitting still for a long time? Or, you tried and simply never felt any effect because your mind was getting in your way all the time? There are many reasons why meditation feels difficult for many people…” Meditation for everyone

This is a long and very easy to understand article that introduces the reader to different types of meditation. Apologies for the sales pitch at the end but the You Tube channel is free to watch should Yoga be your thing. Today, take time to read the article if you ever wanted to try formal meditation and wondered what might suit you. What is not so helpful about the article is that it does not link to any resources other than those of the author. We suggest that you search for the subheadings in the article if you want to learn about a particular type of meditation it mentions.

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