“You can let go even further, though, by allowing yourself to sense that you are being observed by the breathing just as much as you are observing it. You can be aware of the body as a living, breathing, animal presence — a presence that has its own intelligence and awareness. And just as you are aware of the body, the body is aware of you. Allow yourself to be seen. Perhaps at first it may be a little uncomfortable to do this. After all, being observed can be uncomfortable. But think of this observation not so much as visual and more as felt, as sensory.” Let the breathing observe you

We often suggest observing the breath as a way to focus attention. The quote above suggests we try to change our perceptual position, give agency to our breath and imagine it as observing the ‘self’. The article does suggest at the end that this may seem a little absurd, but challenges us to give it a go and notice if and how it changes our ability to find the still point in a busy day. Let us know how you get on if you decide to test it out.


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#tds919 Let the breath observe you? (Jan 4, 2018)

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