So, the next time boredom overcomes you, it might be best not to ignore it. It might be best not to cover it up with your smartphone. Boredom might be trying to tell you something. After all, how often do you ignore pain? How often do you treat it with your phone?


Photo by Adam Jones CC BY-SA 3.0

Take time to read the essay ‘The quiet alarm’. It looks at a counter-intuitive insight about pain and boredom: ‘Just like pain, boredom is an aversive and unpleasant experience that we need to have in order to truly live well’. Can you sit with boredom and listen to its deeper message? Do you cover it up with your smartphone or other distractions more often than you care to admit? How aware are you of its signal that you are in an unfulfilling situation that may need more than a quick text to a friend or a look at your Facebook stream? HT  for directing us to this great essay.

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