We have had slow reading clubs, today we explore the ‘Slow TV movement’. From the introduction: “You’ve heard about slow food. Now here’s slow … TV? In this very funny talk, Norwegian television producer Thomas Hellum shares how he and his team began to broadcast long, boring events, often live — and found a rapt audience. Shows include a 7-hour train journey, an 18-hour fishing expedition and a 5.5-day ferry voyage along the coast of Norway. The results are both beautiful and fascinating. Really.” (video is 18 minutes long or you can read the transcript with a quiet cup of tea).

You can also view the mere 2 our long slow television from the UK and watch your mental habits go wild, this would be a great a way to learn how the monkey mind gets going. You have to commit to sit through the whole thing, no matter what. No excuses! A longer practice perhaps. We could not resist finding the 7 hour long train journey documentary for you, who might brave this advanced stillness practice?

yes, we are recycling this one! Who would not want another round of the world’s most boring TV?

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