“She found that participants with larger networks of weak ties tended to be happier overall, and that on days when a participant had a greater number of casual interactions with weak ties – say, a local barista, a neighbour, a member of yoga class – they experienced more happiness and a greater sense of belonging. Lockdown is making such encounters rarer for all of us. Weak-tie interactions happen when we are out and about, particularly when we’re taking part in an activity of some kind, like singing or cycling.” Why your ‘weak-tie’ friendships may mean more than you think

Today, another article from the BBC’s Life project. There are many on the site, worth exploring as we seek to find a way through a 2021 that can offer us a sense of wellbeing. The need for weak times matters, the article also speaks of how digital connections can offer some sense of connection, if not of place.

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