“Spending time in nature can improve mood and wellbeing, but not everyone has easy access to the natural world.” Visit the BBC soundscapes for wellbeing  for many resources that can bring nature to your screen. For example, with a few clicks we found 300 bird sounds to enjoy in the BBC archive. You can take part in the Virtual Nature experiment too: “The University of Exeter’s ground-breaking study explores how virtual experiences of nature might impact wellbeing, co-created by legendary sound recordist Chris Watson and award-winning film composer, Nainita Desai.” Or in the archive you can use Mixer Mode and create your own soundscape ‘mixed tape’. If you scroll down in the main page you even have a short video showing how to use Mixer Mode. This is what we found in exploring but I am sure you will find more to enjoy. Okay one more option: Visit the Radiophonic Travel Agency, select a destination and travel there through the power of sound! [A spoiler to those of you outside the UK, you may need to find a proxy server in the UK to enjoy these resources, as they may not be available elsewhere. You can read about the experiment in this blog post and this should be available everywhere]

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