Today, we work with interpersonal attention to train ourselves to work with facial expressions when a face is not fully visible. A problem of our time. It is interesting that many are writing articles about the importance of focusing in on micro-expressions on the half of the face we can see to help up read emotion in others. It is not ideal, as much that we read to help us understand others is hidden with a mask, but focussing in on micro-expressions can, at least, allow us to let the other know that we paying attention. Can you read the masked expressions in photos above? Practice notice the tiny differences in the part of the face you can see. If you want to read more: How to read fascial expressions even when someone is wearing a mask. Just another attention training activity to focus in on right now and away from the discursive busy mind but with a practical use. And if you are a fun of quizzes then we oblige: The definitive guide to reading micro-expressions might be a fun break from your day.

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