Bring a situation or idea you find difficult to mind. Take a blank piece of paper and write all you can about the situation/idea.

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Use the principles for automatic writing as you write: Once you start to write you do not stop, even if you have to write ‘I have no idea what to write next’ or ‘this is the most stupid thing I have ever had to do’. Just keep writing. Keep writing about the situation/idea for a fixed period of time. 10 minutes is a good time frame. Do not stop until your time is up.

Read what you have written. What else needs to be true in your outer or inner world for these words to make sense? No judgment.

Did you find your own hidden judgements about the situation as you re-read what you wrote? You may find your mind can now let it go and you can focus more clearly on your next activity for today.

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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

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