Here is something we wish we had created! From the about page:

“Network Effect explores the psychological effect of Internet use on humanity.

Like the Internet itself, the project is effectively endless, containing 10,000 video clips, 10,000 spoken sentences, news, tweets, charts, graphs, lists, and millions of individual data points, all presented in a classically-designed data visualization environment. To see and hear it all would take hours, but the viewing window is limited to around seven minutes (according to the average life expectancy in the viewer’s country), which induces a state of anxiety, triggers a fear of missing out, and totally frustrates any attempt at completeness.”

Take 10 minutes today engage with this amazing work of art. do you best to stay aware of your reactions as you explore: the hand shaking not knowing where to click next knowing that time will run out, your breathing changing, anxiety rising and how all that changes as you reach the end of the experience. We think the learning on offer in this installation is not dissimilar to the effect of a monastic retreat – all in 10 minutes of high quality attention. You will need Chrome for best viewing, no interruptions and headphones. Ready? Let the network effect challenge your idea that people entirely exercise free will during their online sessions

And you might learn that: “We need time and space and silence to remember who we are, who we once were, and who we can become. There is a way, and every one of us contains the potential to find it.” (from their about page, where you can also find out more about the artists)

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