“Stillness, which is not just sitting still, but being still. In that state of stillness, calm and reflection, we are open to the sparks that come to us. Sparks of imagination, ideas and beginnings, sparks which send us on paths of discovery and renewal.
Study of this theme requires the exploration of the physical concept of the ‘spark’, a sudden burst of new energy, the very start of a new fire within us. There is an inherent paradox in the phrase itself. The word ‘spark’, used as a noun or as a verb seems to contradict the notion of stillness. However, surely in a state of stillness we can are more able to respond to the sparks which trigger our imaginations.” The Pushkin Trust (alternative link in case pdf is removed)

Spark Lake, Oregon. Source

Today, find and image or take a photo that shows the difference between stillness as a ‘lack of sound’ (places you expect to be silent) and stillness as a ‘lack of movement’. Where do we find sparks of imagination? Is it a lack of movement? A lack of sound that creates a space of stillness? Both? Neither? Can we have one type without the other? Where? Take time to reflect what kind of stillness best nourishes your soul. And if you want lots of activities (for the child within as the activities linked to above are designed for children) to unpack the idea of a ‘spark of stillness’ then go to the document and work through some of these; there are videos, music, writing ideas, and much more. We may take a few more from the document in upcoming dailies. A rich resource for teachers too.

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