My bewilderment quickly mutated into offense. This out-of-office message seemed to flout all the rules of email that we, as an internet-based society, had imposed on ourselves and others—and it was doing so unabashedly! Of course we’re allowed to not check email while we’re on vacation. That makes perfect sense. But to not check what arrived when you were gone, to not spend hours “digging out” upon return? To avoid it altogether? To extricate oneself, a cog in the email machine, while the rest of us remain? How dare you? Marina Koren

We have started to get these out-of-office messages here at the Still Web. We are over feeling offended and actually see it as a useful strategy to come back from vacation in a more sustainable way than having to check a zillion emails. Take time to read The Atlantic article, it is fun. And after you read the article, dare you try it?

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