“And yes we are watching numbers when what we are looking at are people, bodies, lives no more, deaths. Yes we are baking upside down plum cakes and eating salt and vinegar chips and worrying about our children. Yes we are finding it hard to concentrate. Yes we are taking courses and teaching courses and yes it is all very difficult and yes we are sending out very real love as fiercely as we can and yes maybe you are receiving it but we are lonely and alone and not alone. Yes we are two metres away from each other and yes we are distant but we are yes all in this together. And yes we are born to run and born to recluse and born to hug.” Transactions with beauty

Today take time to read this post. Thank you to Anthony Wilson for directing us to it in his ‘Places of hope’ which is well worth a visit. We particularly liked the holding of it all difficult, easy, challenging, and contradiction and paradox. And yes…

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#tds1769 And yes (May 3, 2020)

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