We feel safe inside our ‘we’ boxes. It is easy to think the boundaries of our boxes are brick walls. Yet, a little reflection and some wise questions can help us see how many boxes each ‘I’ can belong to, how boundaries can be permeable and how much we actually share with the very people we may have thought were most ‘different’ from us. The video above is ‘just’ an advert! Yet, so much more than just an advert’ crafted well, based on sound research and extremely thought-provoking. Well done, Denmark!

Take time to watch it, it may make you both cry and smile. Can you spend your day stepping out of some comfortable boxes? Maybe just saying hello to that stranger you usually ignore…What does this have to do with stillness? Well, remember the Rat Park and how closeness to others stops us from unskilful behaviours that damage our health and well being.

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