“Chichu … opened as a museum in pursuit of ‘a site to rethink the relationship between nature and people’ in July 2004. The establishment of the museum was a personal way of answering and realising a question that I withheld myself for many years — ‘what does it mean to live well?’ As suggested by its name, chichu (underground), this museum is built below a slightly elevated hill that was once developed as a saltpan facing the Seto Inland Sea. Without destroying the beautiful natural scenery of the Island and seeking to create a site for dialogues of the mind, the museum is an expression of my belief that ‘art must exist amid nature’.” Tadao Ando

Today, you could just watch the video and reflect on this quote from the architect of the museum. But if you have a little more time do read “If I could go anywhere: Japanese art island Chichu, a meditation and an education”. It is a wonderful reflection, and reading it does (almost) make you feel like your are there.

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