“It’s important to keep in mind the general areas of intervention that will benefit you as you try to calm yourself. You should focus on lowering your physical arousal in your body (so lowering muscle tension and slowing your breathing), on calming your thoughts (providing a healthy reset of your attention), on feeling more connected to other humans or beings (giving you a sense of emotional connection even with social distancing), and on expressing your feelings or creativity.” Andrea Bonior

“What Big Eyes” flickr photo by jomilo75 https://flickr.com/photos/jomilo75/502284758 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


Ready for a list of potential activities to do around the house?


Take a hot bath or shower
Lay down with your legs elevated and watch your breathing rise and fall
Doodle or colour
Look out a window or let in fresh air
Have a warm drink without caffeine or alcohol
Engage in a visualization of a place that makes you feel safe
Write down your feelings
Soothe your hands with lotion or a soak
Listen to your favorite music
Seek out a pleasant smell
Rub your temples in small circles
Stretch out your body, focusing on the neck, shoulders, and legs
Play a game like Solitaire or do a crossword puzzle
Cuddle a pet if you have one
Write down your worries and tuck the paper away
Sing your favorite song
Ground yourself by noticing five things around you as you slow your breathing
Light a candle and watch the flame for a few minutes
Fill a wine glass with water and see if you can make a soothing tone by rubbing your wet finger across the top of the glass
Write down three small things you’re still grateful for
Call a person who makes you laugh
Look through old photos of trips that you enjoyed
Listen to the sounds of nature
Give yourself a spa treatment like a pedicure or soothing face mask
Tell someone you love them

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