Pick the colour that, for you, represents January in your surroundings. Notice it anywhere you go for the day. Take photos. Pick the best one/s to show us. Did you notice that setting an intention to notice something, helped you pay attention and be more aware of your surroundings? ( we could not resit the colour of January in England…)

Tweet your response to @livedtime and be sure to include the hashtag #tds2395

This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

#tds5 photograph a colour (Jul 5, 2015)
#tds226 photograph a colour (Feb 11, 2016)
#tds503 photograph a colour (Nov 14, 2016)
#tds523 Photograph the colour of December (Dec 4, 2016)
#tds1027 Photograph the colour of April (Apr 22, 2018)

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