“Stillness” flickr photo by h.koppdelaney https://flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/2886288408 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license


“Image if your thoughts are like butterflies in flight. Wings fluttering in the effort to find the best flower to enjoy or the best breeze to experience. More often than not our minds are busy much like a butterfly. Yet unlike the butterfly we have lost the ability to be still in order to nourish our mind and body. Cultivating stillness is a practice of landing in a place of non-thinking and intentional focus. The process of landing starts with taking a slow inhale and pause the breath for 4-6 seconds then slowly exhale. As you exhale image your body sinking deeper into your chair and focus your attention on one item. Today we will focus on the picture of the butterfly or a mental image of a butterfly being still as you are creating intentional focus. Continue to observe the visual details of this item. Next, allow your awareness to expand to the person who is observing the state of stillness in this moment. If the mind is still fluttering invite the mind to repeat this phrase: Inhaling I focus; exhaling I am still. After a few repetitions of this phrase stop and observe your moment of stillness! Know that you can cultivate a practice of stillness daily to help nourish your mind and body.Did new awareness arise in this state of stillness? What was it like to connect with the observer quality of yourself? What object or picture do you think you can bring to work to cultivate a moment of stillness in your day?” Source

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