“This quality of precarious nominality extends to all his life processes. Any change to his routine upsets him, and he has trouble coping and recovering. But he seems to have developed a curious kind of patience — sometimes grumpy, sometimes placid — for the coping and recovering too. There is a gentle, self-aware insistence on choosing life every day, despite the growing costs. He’s retired to a sort of personally satisfying, perfected Groundhog Day that he doesn’t feel the need to exit. Life gets to the point where it is hanging on by a thread, and then that thread snaps. That, I suspect, is the phenomenology of “death by aging,”” Infirmity

Today, double slow read this poignant meditation on the nature of ageing as the author observes his 18 year old cat at the end of its life. There is so much there for those of us witnessing an ageing pet or human, for those of us (all of us?) knowing that life is impermanent, and for all of us who want to reflect on what need to be let go in order to perfect that Groundhog day of old age.

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