I’ve been thinking a lot about the current trend to criticise the use of technology. Make your phone black and white, leave it at home etc etc. Everybody seems to warn of a world that is ruined by technology, but it’s not technology, it’s money that ruins it all. Every social media platform or game is designed to keep attention fixed as long as possible. Not to make you a better person, not to improve your life but simply to sell adverts.

I have been working hard to curb my usage, be aware of applications that pull me in and waste my time. With that said I’m not going to make my phone worse to stop it. I’m not going to dull the screen, or remove apps I use. I love having a technology multi-tool in my pocket, I’m just going to use it the right way.

Greg morris – Making my phone worse

Think about this for a while. Do we need tricks for thinking about our technology use, or just need to think about our technology use?

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