“Procrastination, then, is not a failure of will; it is instead a rational way to safeguard self and sanity against work’s expansion. In the absence of other limits, like a reasonable workload or a strong union contract, procrastination forces work into a corner, bounded by self-preservation and a deadline. Procrastination protects leisure, however diminished by guilt, against the tide of work’s domination of our lives.”

“2008-07-08 Done!!!” flickr photo by royblumenthal https://flickr.com/photos/royblumenthal/2649644342 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Procrastination is good for you. Today’s daily stillness exercise is to give procrastination a purposeful try. Read this article about how to never  again feel ashamed about procrastination and then as it suggests ‘find something you would genuinely rather do than your work, something that will engage and gratify your mind and do it at your desk if you can get away with it’. Tell us if you managed to procrastinate well and without guilt today.

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