“There may be a moral to this tale. (When you stop looking for the thing you are looking for, that is when you will find it. Or: just be kind to yourself for once. Why do you beat yourself up the whole time? You wouldn’t treat your best friend like this…) There may not. All I know is the tired frame of mind is not quite as intense as it was. My grief? Absolutely. That is not going anywhere soon. Ditto my anger at certain politicians. In the meantime, I continue to write rubbish, the wind a little less howling than it was earlier, sudden sun through clouds.” Anthony Wilson 

Today, take time to read this post. It may help give you ideas to navigate a tired frame of mind. Whatever your project, try out being ‘not that’ for a while and notice what emerges. Anthony’s post speaks to not being a poet, as this is his craft. You can try his way with yours. It may free you or not…

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#tds2025 Navigating a tired frame of mind (Jan 14, 2021)

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