“Our new notions of personal boundaries come courtesy of younger generations raised online, who had to find their own limits, or else allow the performative, always-on world to overwhelm them. The writer and podcaster Emma Gannon, in her book (Dis) connected, advises reconnecting with friends, not obsessing over our online selves, and going analogue to “lean in to what makes us human”.  Isabel Berwick
“Emma Gannon, host of the beloved podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, brings us a glorious book to reevaluate our relationship with technology. I was drawn to this book as disconnecting is something I have been meaning and striving to do in my everyday life. For work I am constantly on a screen of some sort, I teach yoga sometimes virtually, and connect with family and friends via social media. I am also an artist and feel obligated to constantly freshen up my Instagram feed so people don’t forget about my work, with the ultimate hope that someone will see it and give me a show. After all that I somehow find myself in front of yet another screen. Screens, screens, screens. It can be incredibly exhausting being continuously plugged into the abyss of the internet.” Emily Porter
“Our focus on community and real connection has been sent off-course and we’re becoming more aware of how the algorithm manipulates us and how our data has made us a product to be sold. So, where do we go from here and how can we get back on track? (Dis)connected examines these topics and offers tangible tips and advice for those of us who might feel a little lost right now and want to find themselves again.” Good Reads

Today, take a look at the articles quoted here, or just ask yourself: How can I lean into what makes me uniquly human today? What can I ‘go analogue’ on which I usually do via a screen? Try a few experiments. (P.S. If you do read the book, it seems that she did not go very analogue on the final proofs of the book – many reviewers comment on  the distracting nature of the many grammatical errors in the book. You can save yourself from that if you listen to the book, which apparently she herself reads very well.)

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