A declining attention span is not just a modern-day issue.

In 1980 Theron Q. Dumont published a book called The Power of Concentration and highlighted a number of practices for building your attention span.

Try these 3 today (set a timer for each or you will never manage to just focus):

  • Sit still in a chair for 15 minutes,
  • Concentrate on slowly opening and closing your fists for five minutes,
  • Follow the second hand of a clock for five minutes.

Be prepared to struggle to complete even one. These exercises may sound easy but…once you master these, feel free to click on the link a use your newly polished attention span to read the archaic pdf book at Archive.org.Okay,if that is too advanced a challenge for your powers of attention, you can get a kindle file also. A book that takes you back to the days of yore, in its language use and its no-nonsense advise.

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