“What ‘counts’ as resting, and when are we simply swathing toxic productivity in soft pants and a robe? In looking for info on how to feel better, I eventually came across a soothing and helpful article published by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists in the UK, which included this curious bit: “Continue to limit everyday ‘thinking’ activities, such as emails, planning shopping, making decisions, as these all use energy. Try to do them only for set times with regular rest in between.” It was the first time I had ever considered that resting for my health was not the same as, say, chilling on a Saturday. Discovering this was a genuine light-bulb moment; once I realized that reading articles, texting, and doing the crossword puzzle wasn’t serving me, I switched over to some truly mindless consumption—Real Housewives of New York—and gave my body the time and space it needed to heal.” Rachel Wilkinson Miller

“Rest” flickr photo by akk_rus https://flickr.com/photos/akras/5246666441 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Today, take time to read the article knowing that thinking is not truly rest. Then, decide how long you will truly rest today.

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