“…They also had the experience, almost universally, of working extraordinarily hard…going through that burnout process and then discovering that it was possible…to do the work that they were meant to do, or that they loved to do, without destroying themselves.Now, one of the strange things about rest is, everybody learns about rest the hard way. We all seem to have to discover what life is like without it…before we can appreciate life with rest.”


  • Do you organise your day so that you have time for rest?
  • Studies show that most people are able to work with sustained attention “for about 90 minutes to two hours and, in fact, for a total of about four or five hours a day” Is this a typical day for you?

Today, take a little over 8 minutes to listen to this video on the importance of rest and take these questions with you through the day to help you apply the suggestions in the video to your daily routines.

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