“We face hundreds of choices everyday — from what to eat for lunch (pasta or sushi?) to more complicated decisions that involve our emotional, financial, and physical well-being. Regardless of how strong you are, your ability to make the best choices can eventually run out due to decision fatigue. That’s the official term for that feeling when you’re overly stressed by the endless amount of decisions you’ve had to make throughout the day. Recognizing it can be tricky because it will often feel like a deep sense of weariness,” says licensed counselor, Joe Martino, who adds that it probably affects us more than we ever realize.” Understanding Decision Fatigue

We have had decision fatigue feature here at the Still Web before. Today, other than offering a smile from this great cartoon, we wanted to offer you a very practical rather than theoretical article from Healthline. We particularly like the practical ways it suggest for tackling decision fatigue.

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