“Why not spend some time with your own thoughts? Here’s what I can recommend for optimising your enjoyment:

  1. Your goal should be to have a good time; that is, make it your intent to focus on events and aspects of those events that bring you enjoyment.
  2. When conjuring topics, choose ones that are both meaningful and pleasurable (eg, social events and accomplishments).
  3. Prior to the thinking period, write down these topics, so that you can glance at them if you feel like you’re having a hard time staying focused.
  4. Set out a specific time for your thinking breaks; that is, choose to engage in the activity when you feel motivated to think for pleasure, but stop if and when you feel like it’s becoming too cognitively demanding.
  5. As with all things, practise – you will get better over time and, the more you do it, the more you will anticipate thinking for pleasure to be enjoyable. ” Rémy Furrer

Today, take time to read the full article ‘Being alone with your thoughts is a skill you can practise”. If that feels like too long, we have taken the specific guidance from the article and quoted it above’; we think it is worth bookmarking the full article for later as it brings out more recent research on the thorny issue of learning to be alone with our thoughts with out scrolling that timeline.

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